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SaaStr Europa 2018, a unique event to keep up with the SaaS industry

First larger-scale European event takes place in Paris - take part in the event organized by SaaStr

In few days SaaStr will bring a unique opportunity in Europe with a two-day event right in the heart of Paris at the InterContinental Hotel.

The event called “SaaStr Europa 2018” will be of interest for sponsorship to grow their business and learn how to go from $0 to $100m ARR from top minds in the business.

SaaStr is a popular community built around web services people pay for.

Each year SaaStr organizes major events involving 10,000+ attendees, 250 speakers, and 100 sponsors mainly in USA.

With the launch of the very first larger-scale event in Paris SaaStr expect about 850-1000 attendees to spread their network.

Among the invited speakers can be found some of the best founders, executives, and investors in the SaaS, like Emilia D'Anzica, one of the top 25 Customer Success Influencer, who will talk about how #customersuccess can positively help people with their customer retention.

You can search tickets on the official web site of SaaStr Europa 2018.

The event take place in Paris on 14th and 15h of June with a series of events not to be missed.

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You can also choose to travel throughout Paris with “Paris visite Pass” wich include Metro, RER B Train and Bus only for Zones 1-3.

The price for a 2-day pass is € 131.

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