At the time of the trip

I have not received confirmation of payment and / or booking details by email. What should I do?

You can check the details of the reservation at any time from the 'Trips' section by accessing the site.
Check the spam folder, in case your email client has confused our email with spam.
Alternatively, it is possible that some problem has occurred, or that the email address you gave us is wrong.

What happens if my flight, ship or train is early?

In case of early arrival, you will simply have to wait for the driver in the agreed place.

What happens if my flight, ship or train is late?

In case of delay, contact the Operator as soon as possible, using the telephone numbers provided in the booking details, or the online messaging system.
However, the driver will monitor your flight and will wait up to 45 minutes from the pickup time that was indicated in the booking details. After this time, if the driver can wait further, a supplement will be requested for the wait.

Where will I meet the driver at the time of my arrival?

If the pickup location is a specific address, the driver will be waiting for you on the spot.
In the case of an arrival at the airport instead, as a rule, the driver will wait for you at the exit of the arriving flights, but you can always agree on a specific meeting point directly with the operator through the messages related to the booking.
For any problem, however, do not leave the meeting point and contact the Operator at the phone number found in the booking summary.

How will the driver know that I am the correct passenger?

At the time of the pickup, you will have to present to the driver the details of the booking, via smartphone or printout.

Does the driver speak English?

In most cases, drivers speak English, and in any case they are perfectly prepared to perform the requested service

Why do I need to have a mobile phone working at the pickup time?

The number you provided during the booking will be used by the driver to contact you in case of problems or any other emergency.

Do I have to tip the driver?

No, the price paid online at the time of the booking confirmation includes all the costs involved during the transfer.