Book a trip

Can I book a transfer where the departure or destination are not ports, airports or train stations?

Of course, you can, you can choose the departure and arrival from among all locations.
In case the transfer you are looking for is not available, you can send us a request and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Can I book on behalf of another person?

Of course, you can, simply specify the data of that person.
Please note that email notifications will arrive at the address registered for the account that made the online booking.

Can I book a return transfer?

Yes, just select the 'Return' option in the second step, when you enter the details of the trip.

I want to book a vehicle for 3 people to go and for 7 on the way back, how can I do it?

In cases like this it is necessary to make two separate reservations choosing the appropriate vehicle for each.

What is included in the price?

The price includes the booked transfer, including the return if it was selected, and all the extras chosen at the time of booking. This includes child seats, sports equipment, etc.

Which vehicle should I book?

We suggest you select a vehicle that meets your requirements for the number of passengers and baggage.
For each route, the maximum number of baggage allowed is specified. If there are more, we advise you to reserve a larger vehicle.

Will there be other people in the vehicle that I have booked?

No, all transfers are private.

How long will my trip last?

The trip will be direct to your destination and to predict its duration, we use Google Maps routing, adding twenty minutes of margin.
Always keep in mind, however, that the specified time is indicative and may vary depending on traffic and environmental conditions.

I want to book a transfer from the airport, but the people travelling with me arrive on different flights, how can I do that?

Since the driver of the vehicle will follow a precise flight on arrival, we suggest you make different bookings for each of the passengers.
If it is necessary that all passengers travel in the same vehicle, we recommend that you use the last flight on arrival as a reference for booking, and specify other flights in the notes.

Can minors travel alone?

During the transfer, a minor must be accompanied by at least one adult.

If the transfer I'm looking for is not available, can I make a request?

If the transfer you are looking for is not available and you have at least two or three days available, you can immediately send us a request via the website. We will reply as soon as possible.

How can I add my sports equipment to the booking and how much does it cost?

You can select the equipment during the booking phase from those available on the Extras page, and the cost will vary according to the Operator making the transport.
If it is not present, we advise you to consider the equipment as extra baggage and indicate it in the notes to the operator, within the limits of the number of baggage allowed by the vehicle.