Terms and conditions of the use of Allbus services

1. Rapports with Allbus
1.1 The use of services, software, and web sites appertaining to Allbus (which is referred to as “Services” in the presented contract) is subject to the terms and conditions of the presented contract between the User and Allbus. The term “Allbus” indicates Allbus S.r.l., Viale Sardegna 14/C, Siena 53100, Italy.
1.2. The successive and eventual integrations of the terms of the contract applicable to the services are considered as an integral part of the contract with Allbus. In case of contradiction between the contract and the successive conditions, the latter will be considered predominant.
1.3. The acceptance of the terms and conditions can be given in the following modes by those who fulfil the requirements stated by law: a) using the acceptance option of the user’s interface, where this option is available; b) by use of the Services inasmuch as the User accepts that Allbus considers the use of said Services as acceptance of the Terms.

2. Finalities and provision of services
2.1. Allbus provides the Services with the aim of internet booking, information and administrative systems.
2.2. Allbus provides the Services with the characteristics present on the on-line version. To allow Allbus to guarantee continuing innovation of the Services, the User accepts that the form and nature of the services can vary without previous notice.
2.3. The User accepts that should Allbus disable access to his/her account, access to the Services and the content included in his/her account will be prohibited.
2.4. The User accepts that Allbus reserves the right to deactivate any account inactive for long periods of at least 90 days.
2.5. Although not establishing a time limit on the holding of historical data memorised by the client upon access to the Services, the User accepts that Allbus reserves the right to introduce limits when necessary.

3. Use of the services by the client
3.1. The User consents to use the Services only with the aims permitted by the Terms and by the version available on-line.
3.2. The User consents to not attempt to access the Services by any means other than that of the interface provided by Allbus, except in case of specific written authorisation released by Allbus.
3.3. The User consents to not reproduce, copy or re-sell the Services, except in case of specific written authorisation released by Allbus.
3.4. The User must not interfere or interrupt the Services nor violate any applicable law or regulation.

4. Security of the client’s password
4.1. The User consents to be exclusively responsible for the keeping of any associated passwords and any account used for access to the Services.
4.2. The User consents to act responsibly towards Allbus for all his/her activities that occur on his/her account.
4.3. The User will act so as to ensure that Allbus or any third party is not to be held responsible for any prejudice that may arise from unauthorised use, also by a third party, of the passwords.

5. Privacy
5.1. The User consents to the keeping of his/her data conforming to the laws of privacy adopted by Allbus. The User may read the laws of privacy at the web-site www.allbus.com/privacy.php

6. Proprietor’s rights of Allbus
6.1. Allbus allows the client a personal license, non-transferable and non-exclusive to use the software as part of the Services. The aforementioned license has the sole and exclusive aim of use of the Services.
6.2. The User recognises that the Services and all software used in function of Services are protected by law as intellectual property and the User may not copy nor attempt to discover any root code, transfer, sell, sublicense, or transfer to other parties any right of the software connected to the Services, except in case of specific written authorisation released by Allbus.

7. Duration of rapport
7.1. The rapport derived from the presented contract has a duration equal to the period purchased by the User for the use of the Services or for the intended duration agreed upon with the User. For the free version of the Services, the duration of the contract is of 30 days with automatic renewal upon expiry unless suspension of the service or the account by Allbus occurs as final decision and without previous notice. The User accepts that Allbus may suspend the free account at any moment.
7.2. Allbus may disaffirm the presented agreement, without infringing any other rights, in the case that the user does not follow the Terms of the Contract.

8. Exclusion of guarantee
8.1. Allbus provides the Services “AS THEY ARE AND WITH POSSIBLE DEFECTS” and does not recognise any guarantee, explicit or implicit, including any satisfying term of guarantee, suitability to a purpose or conformation with the description.
8.2. Nothing in the Terms will invalidate those rights fixed by law of which are the rights of the User and cannot be negotiated or renounced.

9. Limitation of responsibility
9.1. In the maximum measure allowed by law Allbus and its licensees will not be responsible to the User for any loss either indirect or otherwise. This will include any loss of profit gained either directly or indirectly, any loss of data suffered by the client, any modification or suspension temporary or permanent that Allbus may make to its Services.
9.2. The limitation of responsibility of Allbus towards the client will be applied whether or not Allbus has been or should have been notified of the possibility of any loss.

10. Indemnity clause
The User consents to maintain indemnity towards Allbus, its representatives, employees and any of its partners with regards to any obligation of compensation, including legal fees, that may derive from the access to the Services by the client, of any violation of the regulations of use, of any violation of the rights of a third party, or of any violation of law.

11. Modifications of the terms

Allbus may modify the Terms and the User accepts that if he/she makes use of the services after the date of modification of the Terms, Allbus will consider the use of the services to be acceptance of the modified Terms.

12. Communication
The User accepts that Allbus may provide communication via e-mail, post or pasting/sending through the Services.

13. Language of the Terms
13.1. In the case of provision of a translation of the version in Italian of the Terms, the client accepts that the aforementioned translation is provided simply for his/her convenience and that the version in Italian of the Terms will regulate his/her rapport with Allbus.
13.2. In the case of any contradiction between that established in the version in Italian and that established in any translation of the Terms, the version in Italian will be considered predominant.

14. Various
14.1. In the case that any prevision of the Terms is considered invalid, the aforementioned prevision will be removed and the remaining Terms will continue to be considered valid and efficient.
14.2. The User accepts these Terms as unique agreement also in the case of modification and substitution of any previous agreements both written and verbal.