Vehicle capacity Travel Vehicle Price No booking fee!
Maximum number of passengers3 Maximum number of large packages2 Maximum hand luggage3 Taxi Berlin Airport Tegel - Warnemunde Cruise Centre vehicle taxi 224,00  EUR
Immediate confirmation
Maximum number of passengers8 Maximum number of large packages6 Maximum hand luggage4 Minibus Berlin Airport Tegel - Warnemunde Cruise Centre vehicle taxi 259,50  EUR
Immediate confirmation

Included in the price The stated rates include local taxes, 60 minutes of waiting time in case of delayed flights and they refer to a single trip.

Book a private transfer from Berlin Airport Tegel to Warnemunde Cruise Centre with comfortable vehicles from 224 EUR for a private Taxi or 260 EUR for a Minibus. We will come and collect you from airports, hotels, your home, or office, to take you directly to your destination. The price refers to a vehicle for the maximum number of passengers indicated.Reservations are accepted immediatly and upon confirmation of the booking the Operator handling the service will contact you to check the travel details. Booking is easy and free, and in a moment you can print your travel summary.

Don't forget to book the return transfer from Warnemunde Cruise Centre to Berlin Airport Tegel.

- the transfer Berlin Airport Tegel - Warnemunde Cruise Centre can be booked at least 48 hours in advance;
- the kind of vehicle used during the transfer Berlin Airport Tegel - Warnemunde Cruise Centre depends on the availability at the moment you reserve it

The payment of the travel booking will be settled upon directly to the Operator who receives the travel booking and carries out transportation.

Payment options

  1. Payment to the driver at the time of travel
    • Visa  Mastercard  
    • Cash  
  2. Prepayment
    • Visa  Mastercard  

Important For any kind of payment chosen, during your booking, a credit card only as guarantee will be required and it will not be charged unless penalties.

Driver After received your reservation, the Operator will contact you to check the travel details. At the airport the driver usually wait for you with a sign bearing your name while at the hotel he will let you call from the reception desk

in case of a flight delay longer than 60 minutes, if the driver will have the possibility of waiting for you, you will be charged of extra charge to be paid to the Operator.

The "travel résumé" shows all information concerning your booking and the Operator handling the transfer service, including a list of emergency phone numbers and the Operator's e-mail

It is possible to cancel the booking for any reason by directly informing the Operator indicated in the “Travel Résumé”. There are no charges for any cancellation carried out 7 days before departure while in other cases a percentage of the booking tariff will be charged to the client as follows:
- a charge of 40% of the tariff in the case of the client cancelling the booking at least 12 hours before departure;
- a charge of 80% of the tariff in the case of the client not cancelling the booking 12 hours before departure or failure to inform of the cancellation.

How do you book?
Bookings of vehicles up to 8 seats are accepted straightaway; bookings of vehicles bigger than 8 seats are accepted upon availability
At the end print the "Travel Summary" to view the useful details to contact the Operator directly.
The Operator will contact you immediately to confirm travel details.